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ZDNET RECOMMENDS For crypto enthusiasts, there was the “gm” app, a self-described “meme app” which only allowed users to greet each other with “gm,” or “good morning,” a common acronym thrown around on Crypto Twitter and Discord. But the gm app was shut down back in September after a hacker reportedly gained access to user data. 2How to set up a Telegram channel? (A step-by-step tutorial) Read now The group also hosted discussions on committing arson, Judge Hui said, including setting roadblocks on fire, hurling petrol bombs at police stations and teaching people to make such weapons. The conversation linked to arson went on for two to three months, Hui said.
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ملحقات تصميم فوتوشوبالقناة الرسميه لتصاميم ملحقات الفوتوشوب
- ˼‏ القناة عبارة عن ˹ ‏↓ ..
‹ - عبارات ، تصاميم ..
‹ - بدون حقوق, خلفيآٺ
‹ - قوالب, فلاتر , تأثيرات
‹ - خطوط,رمزيات,إطارات
‹ - صور مفرغه , برامج تصميم
إدارة القناه ‹ - @S_311 ‹ -

ملحقات تصميم فوتوشوب

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