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Created: 2020-09-03

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Telegram Waleed Hashim, 287588 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel American, US

Telegram Waleed Hashim, 287588 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, France, FR

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Turn off/on the auto-night mode Telegram’s main feature list may cross over with other apps, but there are many specific differences between it and its competitors. Here is a short list some of the major features that may push you to switch messaging apps. Set Telegram Pass code in Telegram features

Self-destruct is a popular feature on Telegram, but it has been limited to the separate “Secret Chat” option only. However, with the recent update, now you can self-destruct media like photos and videos on normal chats too. Just select a photo or video and then tap on the “timer” button. Now, you can choose the time after which the media will be deleted from everywhere. Telegram also has an auto-night mode that you can use to save your eyes at night! Table of Contents There's also a hidden menu that appears when you long-press on the Send button. Choose Schedule message to delay sending until a time in the future. You can also tap Send When Online to send the message when the other person is next active on Telegram.

The iPhone 14 won’t have a physical SIM – here’s what that means for you This security-focused messaging app allows you to register a unique username so that people can message or add you to groups without necessarily knowing your phone number. This way, you can keep your number private. Powered by Playwire Telegram Cloud is just like a chat, where you can save almost all common file types (such as text messages, images, links, audio and video notes, locations, contacts, and links) as long as they are not bigger than 1.5 GB.

On WhatsApp and other messaging apps, you can send uncompressed media by changing the media extension to something like PDF or EXE. However, on Telegram, you don’t need to take this hacky route for sending uncompressed media files. Just select your media and tap on the 3-dot menu. After that, choose “Send without compression” and that is it. How awesome is that? This single Telegram trick has saved me so much headache when sharing photos. Besides these security enhancements, you can set a self-destruct timer of duration varying from one second to one week. Furthermore, you or the other person cannot forward messages that you receive within the Secret Chat and taking screenshots (or screen recordings) is completely blocked. Currently, the Secret Chat is limited to conversations between only two people and Secret Groups are not supported within Telegram.

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