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Those being doxxed include outgoing Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chung and police assistant commissioner Joe Chan Tung, who heads police's cyber security and technology crime bureau. With the administration mulling over limiting access to doxxing groups, a prominent Telegram doxxing group apparently went on a "revenge spree." You can invite up to 200 people from your contacts to join your channel as the next step. Select the users you want to add and click “Invite.” You can skip this step altogether. To delete a channel with over 1,000 subscribers, you need to contact user support The channel also called on people to turn out for illegal assemblies and listed the things that participants should bring along with them, showing prior planning was in the works for riots. The messages also incited people to hurl toxic gas bombs at police and MTR stations, he added.
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" عَالمي الصُغنن ♥️🏡"

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Telegram " عَالمي الصُغنن ♥️🏡"

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