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How to create a business channel on Telegram? (Tutorial) Polls Telegram message that reads: "Bear Market Screaming Therapy Group. You are only allowed to send screaming voice notes. Everything else = BAN. Text pics, videos, stickers, gif = BAN. Anything other than screaming = BAN. You think you are smart = BAN. Other crimes that the SUCK Channel incited under Ng’s watch included using corrosive chemicals to make explosives and causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The court also found Ng responsible for calling on people to assist protesters who clashed violently with police at several universities in November 2019. The Channel name and bio must be no more than 255 characters long
غرفة البنفسج ل {سيسليا🎶♡ from us

غرفة البنفسج ل {سيسليا🎶♡للتبـادل
نقيةكزهره برية لاتعرف المدينة🍁💜..
‏"عليك أن تعرف الآن، أن هذه القناة مليئة بالبنفسج، والحروف الأرجـوانيـة كشمس ساطع يجب أن تدركه لكي لايغيب ، وإن غـاب.. لن يشرق عليك مرةً أخرى.
"ستجدني بغرفتي هنا "البنفسج"💜🌸.

غرفة البنفسج ل {سيسليا🎶♡

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Telegram غرفة البنفسج ل {سيسليا🎶♡

Created: 2020-03-09

From: Yemen and Russia

Telegram غرفة البنفسج ل {سيسليا🎶♡, 85338 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Yemen, YE

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