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Today, we will address Telegram channels and how to use them for maximum benefit. Hui said the messages, which included urging the disruption of airport operations, were attempts to incite followers to make use of poisonous, corrosive or flammable substances to vandalize police vehicles, and also called on others to make weapons to harm police. To view your bio, click the Menu icon and select “View channel info.” How to create a business channel on Telegram? (Tutorial) Some Telegram Channels content management tips
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صَّــبْوَة ♩-صَّبْوَة .. حيث يخفق الشعر من كل زاوية

‏حُبٌّ بعينيكِ، أم ذا وهمُ من عشِقا؟
إنّي أُحبّكِ، خاب الوهمُ أم صدقا
ماذا رسمتِ على جفني؟ فصرت أرى
في وجهكِ الفجرَ، والعُصفورَ، والورقا

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