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Nameالهندسة الميكانيكية / المرحلة الاولى


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The optimal dimension of the avatar on Telegram is 512px by 512px, and it’s recommended to use PNG format to deliver an unpixelated avatar. Public channels are public to the internet, regardless of whether or not they are subscribed. A public channel is displayed in search results and has a short address (link). Click “Save” ; Private channels are only accessible to subscribers and don’t appear in public searches. To join a private channel, you need to receive a link from the owner (administrator). A private channel is an excellent solution for companies and teams. You can also use this type of channel to write down personal notes, reflections, etc. By the way, you can make your private channel public at any moment. How to build a private or public channel on Telegram?
الهندسة الميكانيكية / المرحلة الاولى from us

الهندسة الميكانيكية / المرحلة الاولىقناة فرعية من قناة مهندسين العراق🇮🇶
خاصة بمصادر وملازم ، محاضرات المرحلة الاولى
لقسم الميكانيك ⚙️

تحتاج شي 💚👈🏻 @Said_newton2
@ENGINEERS_IRAQ 👈🏻 القناة الرئيسية

الهندسة الميكانيكية / المرحلة الاولى

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