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(المدني+معماري) MCقناة هندسية تهتم بنشر المعلومات والكتب التي تخص الهندسة المدنية والمعمارية

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France FR telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram (المدني+معماري) MC

Created: 2020-01-15

From: France and Russia

Telegram (المدني+معماري) MC, 51886 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel France, FR

Telegram (المدني+معماري) MC, 51886 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, Russia, RU

TG (المدني+معماري) MC

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Premium Telegram Premium You can also able to set your chat to self-destruct in a certain period of time after it has been read or opened. Add Animated Stickers to Images/Videos

From suicide to graft: After power shift in Mumbai, key cases go on the b...Premium Turn on Secret Chat Telegram also includes useful security options in this menu, which differ in name slightly on Android and iPhone. Use Passcode Lock to keep people from reading your chats. You can review all Active Sessions and terminate any logins that you no longer use. All usernames on Telegram have their own links, making it easy to share public profile, group or channel anywhere on the internet. Every username will now have a new unique link format – – for those who want to emphasize their name (or have trouble finding the / key).

Adaptive (Android) or Automatic (iOS): The mode will automatically switch based on the light level around you; you can define the threshold. However, with new Telegram updates, they provide two-step verification for your telegram account. That means if you want to login to telegram on another device, it’s required your two-step password to log in. You can also set up it from the Privacy and Security list as I mentioned above. To create a poll in a channel or group, simply select the “Poll” option in the attachment menu. Type in your question, add answer options and choose the configurations that fit your purpose best. Read also: How to protect your privacy using Android

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