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Clear ‘Ban’ on Telegram The creator of the channel becomes its administrator by default. If you need help managing your channel, you can add more administrators from your subscriber base. You can provide each admin with limited or full rights to manage the channel. For example, you can allow an administrator to publish and edit content while withholding the right to add new subscribers. Write your hashtags in the language of your target audience. While the character limit is 255, try to fit into 200 characters. This way, users will be able to take in your text fast and efficiently. Reveal the essence of your channel and provide contact information. For example, you can add a bot name, link to your pricing plans, etc.
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"Heç bir insan alim olaraq doğulmaz.
Elm ancaq öyrənməklə əldə edilər."
@islam_ahlak (Kanal reklamı etmek istiyenler Akidem sabitlidir okuyubda link atin❗)
❌Kanal admini kadındır. Namehrem yazmasın✖

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Open Telegram

American US telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram ✦ İsᏞâm ᎪhᏞâᏦı ✦

Created: 2021-02-24

From: American and American

Telegram ✦ İsᏞâm ᎪhᏞâᏦı ✦, 493544 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel American, US

Telegram ✦ İsᏞâm ᎪhᏞâᏦı ✦, 493544 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, American,

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Open Telegram

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