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A few years ago, you had to use a special bot to run a poll on Telegram. Now you can easily do that yourself in two clicks. Hit the Menu icon and select “Create Poll.” Write your question and add up to 10 options. Running polls is a powerful strategy for getting feedback from your audience. If you’re considering the possibility of modifying your channel in any way, be sure to ask your subscribers’ opinions first. 2How to set up a Telegram channel? (A step-by-step tutorial) The public channel had more than 109,000 subscribers, Judge Hui said. Ng had the power to remove or amend the messages in the channel, but he “allowed them to exist.” Co-founder of NFT renting protocol Rentable World emiliano.eth shared the group Tuesday morning on Twitter, calling out the "degenerate" community, or crypto obsessives that engage in high-risk trading. The main design elements of your Telegram channel include a name, bio (brief description), and avatar. Your bio should be:
المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀 from us

المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀#أنتظارنا دائم حتى ظهور القائم " عج "

#وطن برائحة الشهداء كيف لا يغار منه الياسمين هنيئاً لمن أرتدى ثوب الشهادة

مايتم نشره مباحاً لكم نشره على حب بقية الله الاعظم 💚🍀

بوت القناة للتواصل والتبادل @bafnoobot

المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀

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Iraq IQ telegram Group & telegram Channel 10

Telegram المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀

Created: 2019-12-01

From: Iraq and American

Telegram المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀, 20510 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel Iraq, IQ

Telegram المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار 🍀, 20510 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, American, US

TG المهدي شعلة أمل الأنتظار


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