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Telegramلصمتي. روايه. اسلاميه•|• 〄💖‘
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Telegram message that reads: "Bear Market Screaming Therapy Group. You are only allowed to send screaming voice notes. Everything else = BAN. Text pics, videos, stickers, gif = BAN. Anything other than screaming = BAN. You think you are smart = BAN. Telegram iOS app: In the “Chats” tab, click the new message icon in the right upper corner. Select “New Channel.” best-secure-messaging-apps-shutterstock-1892950018.jpg Avoid compound hashtags that consist of several words. If you have a hashtag like #marketingnewsinusa, split it into smaller hashtags: “#marketing, #news, #usa. Public channels are public to the internet, regardless of whether or not they are subscribed. A public channel is displayed in search results and has a short address (link).
لصمتي. روايه. اسلاميه•|• 〄💖‘ from us

لصمتي. روايه. اسلاميه•|• 〄💖‘1-خُذوا ماشئِتم فجميعهَالله.
2- عباره عن :ارح سمعِك🎧

‏﮼اللهم ﮼صل ﮼وسلم ﮼على ﮼نبينا ﮼محمد

﴿ الا بِذكْر الله تطمئنُ القلُوبْ ﴾ .

لصمتي. روايه. اسلاميه•|• 〄💖‘

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Telegram لصمتي. روايه. اسلاميه•|• 〄💖‘

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