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The public channel had more than 109,000 subscribers, Judge Hui said. Ng had the power to remove or amend the messages in the channel, but he “allowed them to exist.” Matt Hussey, editorial director of NEAR Protocol (and former editor-in-chief of Decrypt) responded to the news of the Telegram group with “#meIRL.” Telegram message that reads: "Bear Market Screaming Therapy Group. You are only allowed to send screaming voice notes. Everything else = BAN. Text pics, videos, stickers, gif = BAN. Anything other than screaming = BAN. You think you are smart = BAN. Telegram Android app: Open the chats list, click the menu icon and select “New Channel.” A vandalised bank during the 2019 protest. File photo: May James/HKFP.
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Se eu despi minha alma?
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