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Commenting about the court's concerns about the spread of false information related to the elections, Minister Fachin noted Brazil is "facing circumstances that could put Brazil's democracy at risk." During the meeting, the information technology secretary at the TSE, Julio Valente, put forward a list of requests the court believes will disinformation. Some Telegram Channels content management tips The best encrypted messaging apps A new window will come up. Enter your channel name and bio. (See the character limits above.) Click “Create.” Clear
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Abyssinia Tech Group◈ በዚህ ግሩፕ የፈለጉትን ጥያቄ መጠየቅ❔ እንዲሁም በቴክ ዙሪያ ሀሳቦችን አንስተው መወያየት ይችላሉ።

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👉 ፕሮሞሽን መስራት አይፈቀድም፤ ሊንክ እየለቀቃችሁ ያላችሁትን እስከመጨረሻው # ban እናረጋለን።

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