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Judge Hui described Ng as inciting others to “commit a massacre” with three posts teaching people to make “toxic chlorine gas bombs,” target police stations, police quarters and the city’s metro stations. This offence was “rather serious,” the court said. Write your hashtags in the language of your target audience. Hui said the messages, which included urging the disruption of airport operations, were attempts to incite followers to make use of poisonous, corrosive or flammable substances to vandalize police vehicles, and also called on others to make weapons to harm police. How to create a business channel on Telegram? (Tutorial) Members can post their voice notes of themselves screaming. Interestingly, the group doesn’t allow to post anything else which might lead to an instant ban. As of now, there are more than 330 members in the group.
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Telegram The 100, 761585 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel South Africa, SA

Telegram The 100, 761585 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, South Africa,

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