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Commenting about the court's concerns about the spread of false information related to the elections, Minister Fachin noted Brazil is "facing circumstances that could put Brazil's democracy at risk." During the meeting, the information technology secretary at the TSE, Julio Valente, put forward a list of requests the court believes will disinformation. For crypto enthusiasts, there was the ÔÇťgmÔÇŁ app, a self-described ÔÇťmeme appÔÇŁ which only allowed users to greet each other with ÔÇťgm,ÔÇŁ or ÔÇťgood morning,ÔÇŁ a common acronym thrown around on Crypto Twitter and Discord. But the gm app was shut down back in September after a hacker reportedly gained access to user data. Members can post their voice notes of themselves screaming. Interestingly, the group doesnÔÇÖt allow to post anything else which might lead to an instant ban. As of now, there are more than 330 members in the group. Telegram Channels requirements & features Public channels are public to the internet, regardless of whether or not they are subscribed. A public channel is displayed in search results and has a short address (link).
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