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The court said the defendant had also incited people to commit public nuisance, with messages calling on them to take part in rallies and demonstrations including at Hong Kong International Airport, to block roads and to paralyse the public transportation system. Various forms of protest promoted on the messaging platform included general strikes, lunchtime protests and silent sit-ins. A few years ago, you had to use a special bot to run a poll on Telegram. Now you can easily do that yourself in two clicks. Hit the Menu icon and select “Create Poll.” Write your question and add up to 10 options. Running polls is a powerful strategy for getting feedback from your audience. If you’re considering the possibility of modifying your channel in any way, be sure to ask your subscribers’ opinions first. End-to-end encryption is an important feature in messaging, as it's the first step in protecting users from surveillance. How to Create a Private or Public Channel on Telegram? Telegram users themselves will be able to flag and report potentially false content.
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﮼تفاؤل 🐣بصمه اضعها هنا ربما تكون مما راق لي من هنااوهناك ؛؛؛؛؛والكثير منه مماخطته يدي وفاضت به نفسي ~يارب تلامس انفسكم🌻Tfavl

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