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The channel also called on people to turn out for illegal assemblies and listed the things that participants should bring along with them, showing prior planning was in the works for riots. The messages also incited people to hurl toxic gas bombs at police and MTR stations, he added. For crypto enthusiasts, there was the “gm” app, a self-described “meme app” which only allowed users to greet each other with “gm,” or “good morning,” a common acronym thrown around on Crypto Twitter and Discord. But the gm app was shut down back in September after a hacker reportedly gained access to user data. Read now fire bomb molotov November 18 Dylan Hollingsworth yau ma tei With Bitcoin down 30% in the past week, some crypto traders have taken to Telegram to “voice” their feelings.
✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️ from us

✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️غرام احباب..كلمه سهلة النطق وخفيفة على اللسان...لكن دائما تحمل بين حروفها الكثير.♡❥❤

✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️

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Telegram ✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️

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Telegram ✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️, 24563 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel France, FR

Telegram ✔غ ـــراااام♥أحـــبــااآب✔️, 24563 Telegram Group & Telegram Channel, American, US

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