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Image: Telegram. Developing social channels based on exchanging a single message isn’t exactly new, of course. Back in 2014, the “Yo” app was launched with the sole purpose of enabling users to send each other the greeting “Yo.” So far, more than a dozen different members have contributed to the group, posting voice notes of themselves screaming, yelling, groaning, and wailing in various pitches and rhythms. Informative Judge Hui described Ng as inciting others to “commit a massacre” with three posts teaching people to make “toxic chlorine gas bombs,” target police stations, police quarters and the city’s metro stations. This offence was “rather serious,” the court said.
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ДайджестПолезные новости для опытных клиентов банков.
Для тех, кто выжимает из банка максимум.

Сообщество клиентов банков: @bbchat
Контакт/новости: @BBDigestBot
Купить рекламу:
Или здесь: @AS111 (условия @rek_blogbankir)


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